Connie Chibi OC as Waitress

It took me almost a week of free time. But hope you enjoy it~   It is my OC Connie, dressed as a waitress in Chibi style.  Here is the full version with background

Edea Lee as Chibi Pirate from Bravely Default

Full version 8600×8600 at DeviantArt. Yarr~~ Edea just got up, and she is looks sleepy   Agnès and Tiz wonder why, since all of them went to bed early yesterday. Wait a moment! Where is Ringabel?!  

Lucy & Virgo (Fanart) (Digital)

I have digitalized and improved my previous fanart drawing about Lucy Heartfilia & Virgo from Fairy Tail. This is completely done using Clip Studio Paint with an iPad Pro + Astropad. Original sketch: Final drawing: